As a member you will have access to the latest fitness APP ‘membr’ which enables you to book classes easily direct from your smart device. Our team will show you how when you first visit MyGym for your induction. You can download the app in any app store on your mobile for free.

Search: Membr (without the ‘e’ on the end)

You will need your email address and password you were given on joining, if you didn’t give your own. Please call the club if you need assistance in any way 01777 948132.




Our experienced instructors run mixed classes for all ability ranges: Click on the image below to enlarge timetable.

Terms and conditions: If you book a class through membr and cannot attend remember to cancel your session so it can be used by another member. Failure to cancel six classes in a one week period will result in you being refused entry to another class in future.

Abs Blast A 30 minute class to tighten, tone and flatten your stomach.

Bootcamp This includes battle ropes, tyres, Kettlebells, sandbags and much more. For all abilities and if the weather good in Kings Park!

Boxercise A fun and focused workout using pads and gloves. Work on your technique and your fitness.

HIIT This High Intensity Interval Training session will get the blood pumping, heart racing
and calories burning!

Kettlebells An all over body workout using only a Kettlebell. The most effective way to tone and burn calories.

Krank The best way to tone your upper body whilst increasing your fitness levels, all in 30 minutes. Accessible even to wheelchair users.

Spin A high intensity, high calorie burning, fun, indoor group cycling session.

TRX This suspension training will engage every element of your body and works every muscle. Using the Function Rig, it will leave you well and truly worked!

Body Tone Tone those muscles you didn’t even know you had. Boost your metabolism and get set to TONE!

Step A full body aerobic workout using a step to really tone your butt and thighs. Step is back – retro!

LBT A total lower body workout for all abilities. This will blast your problem areas and tone your Legs, Bum and Tum.

Functional Rig A core physical workout for all fitness levels. This class is in the Rig area and incorporates Krank bike, boxing, battle rope, TRX and much more!

Pump FX A great workout for inner core and upper strength using body pump bars.

Pilates This class is designed to sculpt, strengthen and balance your body. The ultimate core workout while focussing on your mind.

Yoga Free your mind and stretch your muscles – suitable for all abilities.

Zumba We take the work out of workout by mixing low and high intensity dance moves for a calorie burning fitness party.